Rammed Earth Construction Techniques

Rammed earth construction, dating back thousands of years, has resurfaced as a shining example of eco-conscious architecture. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of rammed earth construction techniques, covering everything from the mixture ratios to the wall thickness and foundation considerations. Rammed earth construction, also known as “pisé de terre” or […]

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Rammed Earth: A Guide to Specifications

In the world of sustainable construction, rammed earth structures have gained significant attention for their unique blend of eco-friendliness, thermal efficiency, and timeless aesthetic appeal. Rammed earth, a building technique dating back centuries, involves compacting layers of damp soil within a formwork to create solid walls. If you’re considering embarking on a rammed earth construction

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Rammed Earth vs. Concrete: The Breakdown

In the world of construction, the debate between tradition and modernity often takes center stage. One such debate revolves around the choice between using rammed earth vs concrete as building materials. While concrete has long been the go-to material for construction, rammed earth is gaining attention for its sustainability, durability, and unique aesthetic appeal. We

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